Using Cabinets in Your Child’s Bedroom: A Simple Storage Solution

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Using Cabinets in Your Child’s Bedroom: A Simple Storage Solution

Using Cabinets in Your Child's Bedroom: A Simple Storage Solution

Kid’s room a constant mess? Install cabinets and drawers to keep your child’s room neat and organized. Here are some fresh ideas for using cabinets in your child’s bedroom.

1. Nursery time – Install a block of lower cabinets in the nursery to store extra wipes, diapers, cremes and onesies. Get a portable changing station for the top to create your own changing table that easily transitions into regular storage for clothes and toys as baby grows.

2. Reading nook – Big window? Install a low-profile set of cabinets below the window and top with bench seating and cushions. On both sides of the window, install taller cabinets to store favorite books, toys, extra blankets and more. Voila! A reading nook and extra storage in one.

3. Under the bed – Instead of a standard bed frame that simply allows dust bunnies to congregate under the bed, install a set of wide, low profile cabinet drawers as a base for the bed. The drawers keep the bed off the floor and provide storage space for extra pillows, blankets, toys and clothes.

4. At the head – Install a set of cubby-style cabinets to serve as a headboard. Use cute handled bins to disguise stored items and mix it up with a few “homes” for cherished stuffed animals for a look that is cute and functional.

5. Wall of built-ins – Install cabinets with an inset to create a wall of built-in cabinetry and drawers to keep your kid’s room organized at all ages. Inside cabinets, install short tension rods for extra hanging space for clothes, slide out-style shelves or bins for easy access to toys, and glass front cabinets to display books and keepsakes without damage or dusty build-up.

Cabinetry works well in lots of rooms beyond the kitchen and bathroom. Anyplace you need plenty of storage long-term is a great place to consider installing cabinets and drawers. In this case, cabinets and drawers help keep your kiddo’s space nice and tidy.