Design Tips for Small Bathroom Remodels

Top 5 Improvements to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel
Top 5 Improvements to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel
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Bathroom Reno: Choosing Between a Walk-In Shower and a Bathtub

When you are remodeling a small bathroom, you want to make use of every inch of space available to you. Here are some great tips for conserving space when remodeling your small bathroom.

1. Choose a vanity with open shelves – You’ll benefit from having storage space but without the swinging doors to get in the way. Open shelves also create a fun way to display items and add to the decor of your small bathroom.

2. Choose large patterns – Using large patterns such as large, wide stripes or large prints tricks the eye into seeing the space as larger than it actually is. This tip works for walls and for floors.

3. Opt for a corner sink – A sink situated in a corner can be a helpful space saving option for your small bathroom remodel.

4. Go with a full mirror – Use a mirror that takes up the whole wall behind your vanity. Not only does a large mirror give the illusion of more space, it will also give you more room if two people need to use the mirror at the same time.

5. Try a trough sink – Once mounted, a trough sink has a low profile that can free up floor space for storage without needing a supporting vanity. It’s a sleek look that saves you valuable space.

6. Choose a vanity with rounded corners – If having a vanity is an absolute must, choose one with rounded corners. In small spaces, sharp corners can lead to bruises and bumped heads for little ones. Rounded corners make the space a little safer and less likely to cause an injury.

7. Extend the countertop – Extend the countertop out above the toilet to add extra counter space for your small bathroom.

8. Place towel bar on the door – When choosing a place for your towel bar, consider mounting it on the back of the door. This saves wall space and still provides a handy place to hang your towel.

When remodeling your small bathroom, space is king. Small bathrooms are notorious for feeling cramped and claustrophobic. Give your bathroom some breathing room with these handy design tips for your small bathroom remodel.