Tips to Choosing the Right Cabinets for You

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Tips to Choosing the Right Cabinets for You

Tips to Choosing the Right Cabinets for You

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is no small decision. Well-made cabinets last for decades so you want to make sure you choose kitchen cabinets you will love for years to come. For most homeowners, there are three main factors to consider when choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen: budget, design/style and functionality. Let’s take a closer look:

Kitchen Cabinets for Your Budget

The first consideration when choosing new kitchen cabinets is your budget. Your budget helps narrow down which wood species to consider, which customizations are possible and what special options you can consider. The reason budget is the first concern when choosing new cabinets is to help ensure your cabinet choices stay within what you can afford. Avoiding the sticker shock of falling in love with styles or options that blow your budget also increases your satisfaction with the cabinets you do choose.

Kitchen Cabinets Design and Style

A couple of different choices fall into the design and style category. First up is the decision whether to stay with framed-style cabinets (most popular in America) or frameless-style cabinets (more popular in Europe). Next, you’ll be deciding what wood species you prefer and what finishes or treatments you’d like. Then, you’ll be selecting the type of door and drawer style that works for you. Do you prefer simple and sleek, carved and fancy, distressed and cozy or another style? After all of those decisions, you’ll be deciding if you want any additional decorative elements such as table legs or corbels incorporated.

Kitchen Cabinets Functionality

There are a ton of functional options that can be added to your cabinets to fit your needs and daily life. You can choose deep drawers with adjustable pegboard bottoms that you can reconfigure as often as you need. You can choose a pull-out that hides the trash and recycling bins neatly away. You can choose a drawer configuration for corner cabinets instead of a deep space where items disappear for years. You can choose if drawers and doors have smooth-close mechanisms. You can choose a hide-away charging station in a drawer. There are so many options and ways to add functionality to your cabinetry that any option you can think of is likely available. Just keep in mind, the more special functions and customizations you add, the more room you’ll need in your budget.

Choosing new kitchen cabinets can be more difficult than you might expect. All the different options, wood species, styles, customizations and extra functionality make cabinet shopping quite complex. Starting out with a clear and set budget helps you manage expectations and stick to considering only the options and styles you can afford. The experts at the Cabinet Market are your resource for everything cabinetry-related. From setting a budget to finding just the right design touches, they help you every step of the way.