Modernizing Your Outdated Bathroom

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When you have a limited budget and an outdated bathroom, there are a number of things you can do to modernize your bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are a list of fun ways you can modernize your outdated bathroom affordably.

1. Update lighting – There are tons of styles of lighting fixtures that are modern and affordable. Replace your current outdated fixtures with new modern fixtures for an instant lighting uplift.

2. Update paint – Choose a vibrant color or a soothing color but just make it different from what you have now. Avoid boring basic white–even on the ceiling. Choose a softer, lighter version of the wall color or a complementary color for the ceiling to make the bathroom feel spacious.

3. Update wall decor – If you took it off the wall before painting, don’t put it back up. Choose all new wall decor to go with your new paint color. Updating your wall decor is an instant facelift.

4. Update hardware and faucets – Update sink and bathtub/shower faucets and update your other hardware such as that on your cabinetry. If necessary, update your towel racks and other accessories to match your new modern look.

5. Update flooring – If you have room in your budget, update your flooring. There are tons of affordable styles of tile and other flooring options. If you can’t afford to update your flooring, at the very least update your bath mat and bathroom rugs.

6. Update towels – Update your towels, hand towels and washcloths with new ones to create a cohesive look for your newly modernized bathroom. If you aren’t sure what color or pattern to choose, fresh crisp white towels and bathroom linens are always a good neutral choice.

7. Clear away clutter – Few things look as outdated and old than a bunch of clutter laying around your bathroom. Clear away clutter and use baskets or other storage options for everyday items you need handy but don’t want sitting out on counters.

You can modernize any bathroom, even when your budget is limited. A few changes can make a big difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Don’t live with an outdated bathroom when modernizing it is easy and affordable.