Top 6 Bathroom Layout Mistakes to Avoid

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When doing a bathroom remodel, it’s easy to get carried away with details like tile and flooring choices. However, what matters most in a bathroom redo is the layout. When not done right, it can create a bathroom that is more like a nightmare than a dream. Here are the 6 bathroom layout mistakes to avoid.

1. Door opens to view of toilet – Opening the bathroom door to a full view of the toilet isn’t ideal. While in small bathrooms, this might be unavoidable, if you have the space to avoid this, it’s best to do so. Not only is it bad feng shui, it’s unattractive.

2. Not enough storage – Bathrooms need storage just like kitchens do. Focusing too much on style and not enough on function could lead to a bathroom layout with not enough storage for basic necessities. Using only the vanity for storage leaves you with limited space to store items you need aside from your every day essentials. Be sure to incorporate shelving where possible or use small unused spaces to incorporate storage. Make sure to also include plenty of eye-level storage such as medicine cabinets and recessed storage for everyday items.

3. Inadequate lighting – A layered lighting scheme is best. Softer lighting over tub and shower with brighter lighting by the mirror is best. Choose lighting for above the mirror that isn’t simply downlighting but also lights up your whole face for shaving and putting on makeup without shadows.

4. Not planning for accessories – Failing to plan space and location for accessories such as towel racks and open shelves puts you at risk of having a layout without enough space for these necessary accessory items.

5. Not measuring accurately – Make sure to take into account space around elements such as the toilet and bathtub. You’ll also want to measure for space required for cabinet doors and drawers to open without obstructing flow.

6. Not considering existing infrastructure – The existing infrastructure of the plumbing and electric might not be compatible with your new layout plan. If this ends up being the case, it could significantly increase the cost of your remodel to re-plumb and rewire the space to work with your new layout. In some cases, the extra cost could be worth it to improve the flow and spacing of elements in the bathroom. However, it’s important to consider it strongly before making that decision.

Remodeling your bathroom is an exciting project. You want to end up with a bathroom that flows well and has plenty of space for your needs. Avoid these 6 bathroom layout mistakes to make sure your new bathroom is a dream come true.